The Fears Of Being Concerned

by TIMtmMusic

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The Fears Of Being Concerned is the first EP release as TIMtmMusic. These 5 tracks delve deeper into the understanding of mental illness and anxiety, but with a positive spin you can dance to!


released May 26, 2017

Written and arranged by TIMtmMusic
Mixed and mastered by JBH
2017 TIMtmMusic



all rights reserved


TIMtmMusic Industry, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Fears Of Being Concerned
Do you have an idea
Of what it feels like
To always be concerned
It concerns me
That I'm going too far
I'm not going too hard [x2]

Do have an idea
Of what it sounds like
To never shut it down
It's always so loud
It exhausts me
I can't ever shut down
It's an ever piercing sound
Track Name: A New Beginning (For You)
Do you know
How long I suffered?
I suffered for you (for you)
Can you tell me
How it was worth it?
I bled for you (for you)

Now I'm onto better things
Away from you (away from you)
And how you watched me fall
Made me feel so small (so small)

And as I fall away
Can you hear me say
It's time for me to go
And I want to say
Thank you anyway
For making me feel low
And I can fight the stinging
It's a new beginning
And I can silence the ringing
It's a new beginning
Track Name: Wherever You Are, Here's A Sweater
I don't know why it hurts
It just does
I don't know why it stings
It just does
I don't know how it stops
I can't make it just drop
I don't know why it hurts
It just does

It's cold where I'm at
How's the weather
Wherever you are,
Here's a sweater
I know things
Can seem so uncertain
But you've got to
Promise me you're worth it
Wherever you are,
Here's a sweater [x2]
Track Name: Where's The Love (ft. el cub)
If we all keep shooting
There will be no one left
We'll cause mass extinction
Because we can't control ourselves

What alternate reality
We've opened our eyes
Not sure if there's a savior
Or have we been hypnotized

Where's the love
Tell me where's the love [x2]

We're running in circles
Navigating through time
The faults of our past
Not far behind
Just get them to safety
The future is ours
Try a new tactic
Go beyond the stars

Get out of the crosshair
Step out of the scope
The fate of our welfare
Lies deeper than hope
Track Name: We Made That Our Home (ft. el cub)
Can you feel the
Drop in the pressure
Can you feel my
Heart in the desert
One stop before you
Go too far

We make a journey
To far away lands
We make the same
Mistakes we made back then

Can you feed the
Tides as they're swimming
Can you feed my
Past as it's sinning
One drop before you
Lose your God

We dance a way that
No one will get you
We steal the lines that
Bring us to

We made that our home [x2]